U-C Purlin Machine

Pre-Punching and Pre-Cutting Purline Roll Forming Machine
Sandwich Panel LineFlexible production line for prefabricated C and U members for wall, truss and floor framing.Wall, truss and floor frames for prefabricated buildings like: residential houses and villas, office buildings, social premises, module containers, façade elements, etc. Members produced with all the needed perforations (sheet working) like joint details, screw holes, through holes, openings ...

(1) Main Purline Forming Machine
(2) 3 Tons Manual Uncoiler
(3) Guide Device
(4) Hydraulic System ( Total three oil cylinders, two for punching holes, one for pre- cutter)
(5) Hydraulic Motor
(6) Hydraulic Pre-cutting Device
(7) PLC Computer Controlling SystemWith Touch Screen
( Brand: Siemens Germany )
(8) Pre-punching Holes Device( the buyer decide the size of punching holes )
(9) Reshaping Device
(10) Run Out Table(4 PCS)
(11) Tools
(12) Operation Manual.